2008 to 2011 Projects

Susan Garner, as a Managing Consultant of Grosvenor Management Consultants

Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program – Department of Veteran Affairs (Australian Government)

Conducted a formative and summative evaluation of a four year chronic disease management program commencing in May 2011 for veterans with major chronic conditions. Targeted conditions include heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute conditions such as pneumonia where care coordination in the primary care sector is considered desirable to manage veterans with complex care needs who are at risk of hospitalization. Monitoring the implementation of the program through the primary care sector and using quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate program outcomes.

Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) – Department of Environment, Water, Energy and the Arts (Australian Government)

In association with Dr Rosemary James undertook a scoping study for an Australian national initiative to embed education for sustainability in Australian schools under the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI). The scoping study reviewed the international and national literature concerning education for sustainability for the purpose of identifying outcomes of the initiative in Australia across education, environmental, social and economic outcome domains. Developed a national monitoring and evaluation framework to measure achievements and outcomes and identified a core data set for national ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Trial of the Case Management Business Model – Department of Human Services (Australian Government)

Developed a monitoring and evaluation framework for 44 pilot sites trialing the DHS case-coordination business model for customers with complex social and health needs. Prepared the program logic and identified outcomes for DHS customers under the business model. KPIs for ongoing monitoring and evaluation questions were developed against the program logic for formative and summative evaluation approaches. Conducted evaluation capability sessions with DHS staff involved in the trial and developed an evaluation planning checklist to guide future evaluation activities by DHS.

Research into social isolation in the young veteran population – Department of Veteran Affairs (Australian Government)

In association with Associate Professor Helen Berry, University of Canberra and Dr Caroline Evans, University of Tasmania undertook a major research project into the factors leading to social isolation in the Australian veteran community. An academic literature review sought to understand the factors that could lead to social isolation in the veteran community and covered studies that examined veterans from Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canadian and New Zealand. The project developed a definition of social isolation for veterans and a causal framework model to underpin statistical and empirical analysis of DVA survey data Your Lives, Your Needs to determine the most important factors leading to social isolation in the Australian veteran community.

Descriptive statistics and regression modelling was used to gain an understanding of the factors impacting on the health and mental health of veterans after active military combat including any differences between younger (< 45 years) and older veterans. The project prepared a long term research plan to build the evidence base for effective policy and programs to address social isolation in the veteran community.

National Centre for Research Excellence in Indigenous Health Workforce and Policy – Murdoch University / University of Melbourne / Queensland University (University Consortium)

Developed a monitoring and evaluation framework for a (proposed) National Centre for Research Excellence in Indigenous Health Workforce and Policy. Developed the program logic and key performance indicators (KPI) to measure key achievements over a five year period. Consulted with government agencies to fund the Centre.

Cape York Welfare Reform trial – Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Australian Government)

In association with Margaret MacDonald, Courage Partners developed an evaluation framework for the Cape York Welfare Reform trial for three pilot community based programs for Indigenous people in Cape York. The trial covered social and welfare initiatives, including housing, education, employment, and money management. Developed theory of change / program logic across each outcome domain to identify evaluation questions, methods and tools for the evaluation.

MATES Program ACT – Australian Red Cross (not-for-profit)

Evaluated the MATES program in the ACT. MATES involved matching Red Cross volunteers with socially isolated individuals the ACT in to reconnect them back into their community. Developed a theory of change / program logic to inform the monitoring and evaluation of the MATES program in the ACT and other Australian states and territories. Program participants, Red Cross volunteers and program managers were interviewed to assess the benefits of the program in reducing social isolation and to identify ways to improve recruitment and matching of volunteers to participants. 

Palliative and respite care services for Indigenous people in the ACT and NSW surrounding regions – ACT Division of General Practice (professional body)

Conducted a scoping study to assess the need for palliative and respite care for Indigenous people in the ACT and surrounding region; consulted with community services and Indigenous groups in the ACT to assess barriers to accessing appropriate care; recommended to the ACT Indigenous Health Forum on models of care, cultural awareness training, and Indigenous identificatio

Clinical Quality Registries – Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (National Government body)

In association with Geoff Sims Consulting, conducted a formative and summative evaluation of the Australian Clinical Quality Registries project. Assessed the feasibility and indicative cost effectiveness of the Commissions’ draft Operating Principles and Technical Standards for clinical quality registries and advised the Commission on the final Operating Principles and Technical Standards to be adopted.

National Clinical Handover Initiative – Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (National Government body)

In association with Dr Cathy Balding, QualityWorks Pty Ltd and Dr Heather Buchan, Consultant conducted a post-implementation review of the National Clinical Handover Initiative which funded 16 pilot projects to develop and adopt clinical handover tools and processes aimed at improving patient safety and handover. The projects involved over 50 health care organisations across the acute care, primary care and aged care service sectors. The evaluation considered the barriers and enablers to the adoption of improved clinical handover practice, as well as spread and sustainability of the initiative. A practical implementation checklist was developed for clinical services considering introducing improved clinical handover practices and tools in different clinical settings whether handover is required.

Transition to Independence Program – Youth Off The Streets (Not-for-profit)

Conducted a costing study for a ‘’Transition to Independence’’ program to assist young people exiting YOTS residential services and related programs, such as independent special schools, outreach and drug and alcohol day programs; undertook a literature review of Australian and international literature to identify what is known about the costs of providing “Transition/Aftercare” services (either by NGO sector and/or by governments); analysing the costs of implementing the YOTS model of Transition/Aftercare services

Data management and analysis system – Australian Customs and Border Control Service (Australian Government)


Undertook a review of a data management / analysis system designed and implemented to identify illegal entry of people and goods into Australian airports. Developed KPIs to test the system and the achievement of effective border control at Australian airports.

Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council – Department of Justice (Victorian Government)

In association with Anne Markiewicz reviewed governance structures and processes of the Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council (RGMAC). Council members, working group members, Ministerial advisors and the RGMAC Secretariat were consulted about the key issues and membership of RGMAC as an advisory body. Evaluated how appropriate and effective the governance structures and processes were against RGMAC Terms of Reference.

VET FEE-HELP – Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (Australian Government)

Reviewed VET FEE-HELP, an income contingent loans scheme adopted in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Developed key evaluation questions and methods to focus the review on the achievements of the scheme in the first year of implementation. State governments and VET sector providers were consulted to understand the barriers and enablers to uptake of the scheme and areas for improvement. Analysed administrative data to determine the achievements of the Scheme in the first year and make recommendations to increase uptake and effectiveness. 

Clever Networks Program – Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (Australian Government)

Evaluated the $118m Clever Networks Program designed to improve access to health, education, community and disaster management services using broadband for people in rural and remote Australia. Developed a program logic and data collection methods; analysed survey and interview reports; prepared case studies of 10 grants funded under the program; documented major achievements and reported against principles of efficiency, effectiveness, appropriateness, strategic policy alignment and whole of government integration.

Australasian Evaluation Society International Conferences – Australasian Evaluation Society (professional body)

Evaluated the 2008 Australasian Evaluation Society International Conference: Adding Value. Convenor, 2009 Australasian Evaluation Society International Conference Evidence: and Evaluation