Desert Mob Marketing Strategy

Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs

In association with Liesl Rockchild, Art Management and Design, provided market research and consultation advice and support for the development of the 2015-2017 Desert Mob Marketing Strategy. This included development of on-line surveys and interview tools across the key stakeholder groups consulted including: visitors and tourists; private collectors; Aboriginal art specialist and galleries; public Aboriginal art institutions and Aboriginal art centres involved in supplying the art works for Desert Mob.

The Desert Mob event, which features an Exhibition of new artworks, a Marketplace and a Symposium is a unique showcase and exploration of Aboriginal art and culture in Central Australia. It is the only event in Australia that offers a snapshot of what is currently happening in contemporary art from Aboriginal owned Art Centres across the Central Australian region – the birthplace of the modern Aboriginal art movement. In 2015 Desert Mob celebrates its 25th anniversary, a significant milestone. The marketing strategy, underpinned by the market research and consultation was developed to bring new energy, resources and ideas to the fore, for the future development of Desert Mob as a successful, sustainable and profitable event for all stakeholders.