Evaluation of Paung Ku

AusAID, Canberra Office

Evaluated phase 2 (2010-2012) of Paung Ku: a civil society strengthening program, in Myanmar (Burma). Planned and conducted extensive in-country consultations across Myanmar in the Yangon, Mandalay and the Delta regions. Applied case study evaluation approach and appreciative inquiry interview techniques.

Assessed the achievements of Paung Ku Phase 2 against four key objectives and outcomes; reported against AusAID criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency sustainability; developed a theory of change to determine the impact of Paung Ku’s civil society strengthening activities; and explored the lessons learned from phase 2 to inform the strategic directions and activities of Phase 3 (2013-2015). Prepared a monitoring and evaluation framework (M&EF) for Phase 3 covering a theory of change; key performance indicators; data sources; data collection and analysis methods for future monitoring and evaluation of the program.