Masterclass: Evidence-based policy development and evaluation

Liquid Learning Group

Policy practitioners must increasingly develop policy based on clear evidence that links informed research and rigorous analysis to proposed actions. This interactive Masterclass provided participants with a comprehensive framework as to how an evidence-based approach can be applied to decision making throughout the policy development stage by utilising existing research data and policy literature, in addition to evaluating outcomes and results through informed methods of assessment. Using practical case study examples of key public policy issues, the Masterclass explored:

  • Connecting ‘evidence’ based policy to the realities of policy development
  • Processes for effective evidence collection and analysis
  • Understanding, ranking and identifying the most effective type of evidence
  • Reviewing existing evidence of effectiveness and testing the underlying assumptions
  • Evaluation was part of the policy development and implementation cycles
  • Developing key evaluation questions against the agreed program logic
  • Overcoming budgetary, timeframes and political constraints