National Preventive Health Research Strategy

Australian National Preventive Health Agency

In 2013. ANPHA developed a National Preventive Research Strategy (the Strategy) which identified research priorities and aimed to guide long term building of infrastructure and capabilities for useful preventative health research in Australia. The Strategy focuses on population health research and strategies that links to policy and program needs.

Following initial consultations which led to a first draft of the Strategy, stakeholders were invited by ANPHA to provide comment particularly on the framework and principles; what areas of research had been prioritized; and how capacity for translational research could be built.

In association with Margaret MacDonald, Director MacDonald Wells Pty Ltd, undertook an analysis and synthesis of the public submissions and consulted with key stakeholders about priority actions in relation to research infrastructure, capacity and research themes. The project helped to underpin the next stage in the development of a National Preventive Health Research Strategy (the Strategy).