Our collaborators

Over the last nine years, Garner Willisson has established a network of collaborators who bring expertise and experience in public policy consulting.  Our collaborators are public policy professionals including academics, evaluators, policy analysts, and subject matter experts across social, health, environmental and education public policy fields.

Lucky Karki Chhetri, Three Sisters Empowering Women of Nepal

Maria Eliades, KDG Partnerships

Professor Helen Berry, University of Canberra

Dr Chris Cooper, University of Tasmania

Robyn Considine, Consan Consulting, University of Newcastle

Professor David Dunt, University of Melbourne

Julie Elliott, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Sheila Holcombe, Analytical Business Consulting

Associate Professor Rosemary Knight, Australian National University

Margaret MacDonald, Director MacDonald Wells Pty Ltd

Anne Markiewicz, Director Anne Markiewicz and Associates Pty Ltd

Dr Nicki Mazur, ENVision Environmental Consulting

Carolyn Page, Director, The Clear English Company & Public Sector Policy Solutions

Dr Ian Patrick, Director Ian Patrick and Associates Pty Ltd

Dr Anita Pryor, Adventure Works

Rob Richards, Director, Evidentiary & Public Sector Policy Solutions

Liesl Rockchild, Art Management and Design

Geoff Simms, Geoff Simms Consulting

Dr Graham Smith, Numerical Advantage, University of Canberra