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Policy analysis | Program evaluation | Capacity building

Policy analysis

Policy design, development and implementation, whether by government, the not-for-profit or the private sector, commonly involves processes for providing services and products in pursuit of desired outcomes.

Across a range of policy settings Garner Willisson undertakes impact assessment and comparative policy analysis, through to design and development of alternative and improved policy options.

Service offering includes review and appraisal of:

  • strategic and policy reform agendas
  • organisational, governance and advisory mechanisms
  • legislation and regulatory frameworks

Program evaluation

Policy implementation may involve strategic, organisational and industry wide reforms, targeted interventions or programs to deliver specific services and products to particular population groups, and / or pilot projects for testing efficacy and effectiveness before implementation.

Addressing the diversity of forms that policy implementation can take, Garner Willisson provides a range of evaluation services to measure policy and program outcomes, including:

  • needs analysis
  • evaluability assessment
  • evidence reviews
  • comparative analysis
  • program design and performance measurement
  • design of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • developing evaluation frameworks, plans and tools
  • undertaking developmental, formative, outcome and impact evaluations

Capacity building

Garner Willisson builds capacity in policy development, strategic planning, program management and program evaluation through:

  • intensive workshops and master classes
  • theory of change and program logic workshops
  • mentoring, coaching and advice on program delivery and change management